Perspective Projection Definition: captures a true three-dimensional view onto a two-dimensional plane.

What is Perspective Projection?

Perspective projection is a form of pictorial drawing that gives the illusion of depth onto a flat surface, very similar to that of viewing of the object through the human eye. In comparison to other types of projection systems, for example orthographic and oblique, the spectator is viewing the object from infinity. The projection rays radiate parallel to each other from the object back to the spectator, compared to perspective projection where the projected rays radiate from the object to a single point at a given distance from the object.  

Aim of the Website. 

The main aim of this site is to cover the topic of Perspective Projection as outlined in the Design and Communication Graphics syllabus.The Junior Cycle elements will also be covered within the  basics of Perspective Projection. The site will examine the following areas: 

What is Perspective Projection

Elements inside Perspective Projection

The basic Perspective Projection principles

One point Perspective Projection

Two point Perspective Projection 

Methods to draw curves inside Perspective Projection 

Using auxiliary vanishing points

Perspective sketching techniques 

How To Use The Website

On this website we will explore the rules and principles and concepts for perspective projection. The website has broken down perspective projection into the different principles and concepts.

About me

I am a final year undergraduate at the University of Limerick studying for a Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Architectural Technology. 
I am developing this website as part of my final year project. The website will serve as a teaching aid designed to help teach the topic of perspective projection.